Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Month to Whine About!

WOW!!! It's been a month since I've posted!!! Where the hell have I been??? Well, let's see ... I went camping again, but this time I focused on enjoying the great outdoors WITHOUT the alcohol. That was a success!! I hiked and roughed it and had an overall good time. That was only four day though ....

My significant other's father had a heart attack ... but he's okay!!! He wants to retire now, so he wants to hand over his bar and grill to us. So, we'll be relocating to OREGON next year. WOW!!! After reading all about Trophy Guy's stresses with owning his own business, I'm a little freaked out. I'm sure we'll survive though. ALSO, my new hobby can become hunting for Sasquatch on my days off. Wait, days off don't happen when you own your own business.

I'm looking for another job. I currently spend $300 a month on gas just commuting to work. It's just not worth it. Since we'll be owning a bar and grill, I'm toying with the idea of schlepping drinks for the next year. We'll see.

A close friend of mine is losing her home to foreclosure. Gotta love the economy!!

My significant other got bitten in the face (yes, the face) by the above friend's dog. The dog has since been put down ... we didn't pressure her to do that, and we didn't press charges. However, the dog had bitten four other people in the past ... seemed like a pattern. Animal Control is now up our asses trying to FORCE us to give them info about the dog. We are keeping our lips zipped and telling them the dog is dead now. Oi!

I'm sure more has happened, but it all eludes me now. I need to get caught up on everyone else's blogs.