Friday, March 21, 2008

The Mother

I've had scheduled the 20th and 21st of March off for some time now. Everyone knew about it. Friends, family, work. I told my mother repeatedly about this and that it was my own personal time off. I wanted no contact with other living beings unless I decided to do the contacting. Two days for me, me, me! Right ...

Yesterday morning, my cell phone rang at 6:00. When I looked at the caller i.d. it said, "mom" ... I didn't answer. Two minutes later it rang again. "Mom" ... again. I didn't answer, if it were an emergency, I'm certain she would leave a message. So, I crawled back into bed for a bit more sleep when ... RING ... the land line. I stumbled out of bed and looked at caller i.d. and confirmed it was my mother ... one more time.

Now, many of you may be wondering why I wouldn't answer the phone when it was obvious that it must be important. Why would someone call at such an early hour ... repeatedly ... unless it were an emergency. Right? HELL NO!!! Having been my mother's child for, oh, what has it been now ... ? FOREVER! I know that she waits for me to have days off and then begins begging me to come see her. I don't want to.

I never spoke to her yesterday, nor did she leave a message. Don't worry though, the story continues. This morning, around 6:30, she called my cell again. Why didn't I turn it on? Why, why, why, why? Because I am an idiot. It was my mother, I didn't answer. What I did do was proceed to call my significant other to bitch about it ... oh, but no, that cell phone was turned off. So I ranted a bit in the message and rolled over to try some more sleep on for size.

RING! Damn it!! I answer, "HELLO!?!?!?" It's the mother. She wants to know why I sound so grumpy and what time I work. I scream that she's known about this for over a week, I was off yesterday and am off again today. "I forgot", says she. "Why do you have to scream, you know I have memory problems. You know how that scares me so, especially after your grandmother died of Alzheimer's" ... I began to pack my bags for the guilt trip.

"Mother, you have no memory problems. Unless it's of the selective sort. You remember when I'm seeing you next, don't you?" To this she regurgitated the date ... the future date. "See?", I say. "Good night!" I hung up. No guilty feelings. She is crazy, truly she is. I think I've mentioned in the past that there are some entertaining stories about her involving all sorts of things including, but not limited to, my having a twin sister in outer space. Sigh ...

What are ya gonna do, ya know?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Enjoy the Silence?

C'est moi! Yes, I have been silent as of late. I apologize, life's just been busy as hell on my end. That doesn't mean I am lacking in things to whine about though. Oh, no! Don't you worry your pretty little heads about that one! I just want to let you all know that I'm still just as unsatisfied with the status quo.

This also doesn't mean I haven't done any of that meaningless reflecting over the past week or so. The Complaint Department Manager is completely right! I do "love getting fired up" over that shit I complain about here. Well, the stuff I whine about in other folk's blogs. I haven't been reading the two that annoy me the most, and I must say I do have withdrawals from them. I'll probably go back and catch up on their whining ... but I swear that I'll share their links if I do. It may end up I give them what they seek (attention and traffic), but I suppose they've been fulfilling my needs (for drama and perhaps something else that tons of money and hours with a shrink still wouldn't fix)

I'm back and ready to complain about the world!!!