Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Can You Benefit From A Death?

Why, oh why do I continue to torment myself? I successfully made it close to a week without reading TGWC's blog. Alas, this morning I was driven to it by my addiction. I only read the most recent post for my fix. That was all it took for me to be disgusted with her all over again.

She posted about the death of her pet. After lamenting the loss, she then went on to talk about how happy she is that now that it's gone she can get what she really wanted anyway. She had practically been forced to take this one home in a rescue kind of situation. That makes her a saint, don't you realize it? Now that she's done her service, and it's dead, she can run out and purchase something better to show off to whosoever gives a shit. My guess is ... not a single person on the planet really cares. They just pretend so that they don't have to feel guilty about being disgusted with and hoping for the death of someone with an illness. I have no guilt issues surrounding this. I mean, when she is gone, I can move on to read a blog that I really wanted to all along.

Tomorrow I will try to give up reading her blog again.

** On a personal note to Mrs. K who feels she must call me to tell me what's posted on blogs I try to give up ... please support me in this endeavor.**

Saturday, February 23, 2008

You're Not Important, Really

I often laugh at how seriously bloggers take themselves. All of the hours wasted on introspective contemplating of the self and why they are the way they are, whose fault it is that they are utter failures (unless they are successful, but then they wouldn't be introspecting, because it's only cool to do so when you suck), how they can better themselves (which requires action, of which most seem incapable, unless by action I mean introspecting and then writing about it on line), and then writing about it so as to illustrate to the world how deep they really are. Then they draw us (the interfolks) a picture to show us how, due to the fault of some long past other, they have been stagnating, forced to be introspective and contemplative.

Oh, but if they only realized that NOT ONE OF US IS REALLY IMPORTANT IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS. Least of all the attention seekers who fill the world with their eternally maudlin views of themselves. Hey, at least they're entertaining as hell to ridicule.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh Yeah

I just have to say, I've got nothing to whine about today. I mean, yeah, there are bad things and people in the world, but I am off work today and am going to enjoy a day of freedom from "da man" who purportedly is "keeping us down" ... WHEEE!!!

Also, I want to give snaps to Constantly Complaining for turning me on to Stuff White People Like . Yes, I am white, but I can also laugh at myself ... and my fellow marshmallows. This is one of the funniest blogs I've read in a long time. Check it out!!!

I hope you have as wonderful a day as I. Toodles!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Follow Along ... If You Can

Today's post doesn't really seem to follow any rhyme or reason. It's just that I woke up at 2 this morning unable to fall back to sleep right away. This drove me to get up and surf the internet ... always guaranteed I will find bizarre stuff. Please allow me to share.

1) For starters, there seems to be a Jesus cosmetic line called "Lookin' Good for Jesus" that has pissed off the Catholics in Singapore. I can think of a billion other things that go on in Singapore that should piss them off more, but I guess they disagree.

2) In Orlando there seems to have been a U.F.O. It was video recorded. After reading the article and watching the video I feel pretty confident saying that no matter what it was, and even if this was of extraterrestrial origin, it's pretty much ash now.

3) Evidently something mysterious is afoot in Canada.

4) You can now shop at the same convenience store as the Simpsons. This includes products that never existed before the revamping of several 7-11s nation wide. I wonder how long before this crap os for sale on ebay.

5) I think Pepsi may have gone a bit too far. How come the Japanese get all the cool stuff? Although it's probably not that good and it probably isn't good for you ... I'd buy it just for the sheer pleasure of saying I had tried it.

I suppose that's enough for today. As you were.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's New With Me

1) TGWC has posted two upbeat posts in as many days. If she keeps this up, I'll have to stop reading her blog because it won't annoy me any longer. It also won't interest me.

2) The psycho, junkie who gave birth to the addicted baby came to our house and has now been officially cut out of our lives. The list of 10 + things she did to burn our her welcome included breaking out our kitchen window. Yup ... she's a goner. I still can't figure out why she was in our lives to begin with ... maybe she was filling the drama void we were experiencing.

3) The recent warm front has melted all the snow in my yard and now I have to clean up the dog leavings. Oh, what fun!

4) There are actually commercials on television advertising weight loss surgery. WTF? Why is it okay to mutilate your body in order to lose weight? Oh yeah, because someone benefits financially from it.

5) I have to do laundry today. I hate laundry.

6) Also on my "I hate this but I still have to do it" list ... cleaning the litter boxes.

7) Like a good citizen I watched the BBC news, rather than the watered down local version this morning ... so, depression has set in. The "happy delusion" bubble I've been wearing for a few days has popped. Also, it makes me wonder why it's okay for our media to spend large amounts of time convincing us that Britanyparis is real news.

8) The spell check button on my blog hasn't been working for several days now. It's really gonna piss me off when I see my spelling errors later on. So, I apologize in advance.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Republican Entertainment

Evidently there is no shortage of idiot politicians in the state in which I reside! Check this out. The last time I posted about one of these yahoos it was a racial slur ... this time it's a moral judgement. All I have to say is ...

Larry Liston, you are a whore ... you sell yourself for money and power. You dumb ass, why in the hell would you think this was an okay statement? Of course, you do live in the Springs. You've just confirmed every stereotype I've been trying not to believe about people in your town.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Personal ... to TGWC

Hey, you ... yeah ... "TGWC" ... I know you read my blog. Your post begging for folks on the "interwebs" to come clean your house disappeared after I posted about it. BUSTED!!!!

You Call That a Reason?

So, I was at a grocery store the other day and the cashier had enough balls about her to discuss politics with the lady in front of me. Personally, politics and religion are taboo subjects with my clients, but I suppose because it was Super Tuesday everyone was being all patriotic ... but whatever. Either way, the customer stated that she would've been a Hillary supporter ... agreed with her on most issues ... but she couldn't vote for her because she didn't leave Bill. WHAT??? That's not a good reason not to vote for someone! If she disagreed with her on issues, well that's a valid reason ... but to not vote for someone based on a personal choice she made about her own "private" life, well ... once again it's been proven to me that Americans tend to not put any real thought into much of anything these days.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Silent but Still Grumpy

I know I haven't posted in a week or so. Don't worry, it's not for lack of things to bitch about! My life has been crazy with stupidness. I'll give you a very brief run down, and later on, when I've rested on this, my day off, I may find it in me to complain some more.

1) I went up for, and got, a promotion at work. So did every other person going for the same position. Seven of us!! Huh? Were they afraid to hurt someone's feelings? Is that why EVERYONE who applied for the position got it? It should be fun to see how they figure out the scheduling on that one.

2) "That girl with cancer" did it again. Posted an open reqest for someone to head on over to her casa to help her clean. Let me reiterate ... if you don't want to be treated like "TGWC" then stop acting like it!

3) My mother. Let me leave it at that. Just rest assured that it's entertaining and involves alien abduction!

4) It's my day off, yet I must drag my arse to work for a 6a.m. meeting. This is the fourth or fifth week in a row where I have to go in on my day off. Boring, I know ... but this does take up a lot of my whining time at home!

5) John McCain may be the Republican candidate. Scary, man. Trust me though, I won't get into the presidential race stuff this early in the game. I'll revisit it in more detail in September or so.

6) Stuff I've forgotten to put on this list.